Czasem rozczarowanie, czasem euforia… — emocje w piłkarskim komentarzu sportowym

  1. Mariusz Janik ORCiD: 0000-0002-5539-0902



Sometimes disappointment, sometimes euphoria… — emotions in football commentary

Football, like other sports, evokes extreme emotions. They accompany both fans at the stadium and football supporters watching a sport event on TV, as well as sports commentators reporting the spectacles. In the case of the second group, emotionality is built not only through the match (players’ game), but mainly through the sports commentary accompanying the broadcast. The article focuses on the emotions that accompany not fans, but sports commentators while working “live”. By means of qualitative analysis, it tries to answer the questions of what emotions are for them, which of the accompanying ones are dominant, and what influence they have on the sport commentaries and commentators.


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Dziennikarstwo i Media

8, 2017. Kody i strategie w komunikacji

Pages from 57 to 64

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