Cechy wpływające na odbiór i opinię o reklamie

  1. Arkadiusz Haławin ORCiD: 0000-0002-1696-2517



Qualities affecting the perception and opinion about advertising

When we ask people “What is this advertisement?” or “What is your opinion about this advertisement?” their judges will be probable very simple. They said, that advertisement is good or bad, nice or ugly etc. We can see there are very general judges, which are difficult to interpret scientifically. In this article is presented the exemplary solution of this problem by  hecking how people understand the phenomenon of good and bad advertisement and what qualities are associated with them. On the one hand, there are many general terms, but if we try to check them through the research of communication it turns out that good and bad advertisements are constructs which have different images. Both constructs (good and bad) of advertising are clearly different. It means that respondents didn’t create one, dominant image of good and bad advertisement. Although opinions of respondents are different it seems we can find and select areas which dominate in both constructs. In the case of the topic of a good advertisement that area is certainly creativity. In any questions related to a good advertisement it plays an important role. Therefore, it seems that the creativity is a key element in the construction of a good advertisement. On the other hand, if there is a bad advertisement, it is observed that main areas are boredom (opposition to the creativity), and furthermore vulgarity and causing nervousness.


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Dziennikarstwo i Media

8, 2017. Kody i strategie w komunikacji

Pages from 143 to 156

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