Girl power! Femvertising jako nowy trend w komunikacji marketingowej. Analiza zjawiska na podstawie wybranych kampanii

  1. Joanna Paszek



Girl power! Femvertising as a new trend in marketing communications. Analysis based on selected campaigns

Brands are a litmus paper of cultural and social changes that happen all around us. Not only must they follow the trends, they have to create them and adapt their personality and identity accordingly. One of vital questions are growing ambitions of women — and with them a frustration that has arisen from facing a reality full of limiting stereotypes. Third-wave feminism grows stronger and marketing, inherent in the social reality, forecasts new tendencies and proposes a new type of message. That’s how the femvertising was born — marketing communication aimed at women, which presents them as separate from stereotyped social roles. It focuses on real problems women face when trying to pursue self-development. The article presents the results of semiotic analysis of marketing messages of brands: Dove and Always, based on a model which allows to analyze the message on the several interconnected levels of meaning. The purpose of this text is to verify what image of the world and the feminity results from the femvertising type of communication, and what challenges the femvertising faces as a fairly new type of communication.



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Dziennikarstwo i Media

8, 2017. Kody i strategie w komunikacji

Pages from 157 to 170

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